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Presence Management

Improving Agent Responsiveness and Customer Satisfaction in One Contact


Within the wealth of performance data collected in today’s contact center,  first contact resolution (FCR) is a major metric for assessing the customer experience and an important indicator of operational effectiveness. 


There are many good reasons for emphasizing FCR in the contact center, including: 


  • There is a 20% drop in customer satisfaction for each additional call required to resolve a customer call. ¹
  • Customers who do not get their call resolved are five times more likely to defect than those who had their call resolved. ¹
  • The average consumer must call a company 2.3 times before having his or her issues resolved – and future purchase intent drops from 76% to 55% with the second call. ¹ 


Clearly, resolving a customer contact the first time – answering questions, addressing concerns, and leaving the customer feeling 100% satisfied – is in your company’s best interest. 


How can you better empower your agents to resolve customer contacts the first time and create a best-in-class contact center?  Learn how Presence management can link employees with the information they need in real-time to achieve FCR.  And let NACR work with you to create a presence strategy that will streamline contact center processes while enhancing agent communication to both improve FCR and achieve your business goals.


For more information download –  NACR – Presence Management in the Contact Center 


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