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Social Media

Creating Synergy Between Marketing and the Contact Center


With increasingly tech-savvy customers generating billions of dollars in e-commerce each year ¹, it is easy to see the value of integrating the contact center with a business’s web presence. 

Now, social networking is changing the online dynamics. 


  • Global social media revenues for 2012 are estimated to increase 43%
    over 2011 ²
  • 55% of Americans age 45 – 54 have a profile on a social networking site. ³
  • 22% of users on social networking sites use those sites several times a day. ³
  • The percentage of Americans following any brand on social network increased 106% from 2010 to 2012. ³
  • Facebook has 950 million active users, Twitter has 500 million, and LinkedIn has 60 million members. (4)


In many businesses, marketing departments have taken the lead in using social media such as blogs, Facebook pages, and Twitter feeds to connect with customers and communities.  In addition, customers use social media to share comments and  recommendations with family, friends and colleagues.


Social media can provide more opportunity for your business to interact with customers and prospects, and make your products and services more visible.  While it is relatively easy to create a social media presence, it is not as easy to use social media to provide great customer service and produce measurable results. How do you monitor what people are saying and ensure that the “word of mouth” is positive? How can you use social media to actually generate revenue?


Your contact center can play a significant role in deploying these new web-based and mobile technologies. The contact center specialists at NACR have the knowledge and skills to help you create synergy with marketing efforts and use social media more effectively to deliver great service and increase revenue. 


For more information, download this document NACR – Social Media in the Contact Center


To speak to a Contact Center Specialist today, contact your NACR NAM or click on the Contact Us button to the right. 


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